INK_volume 1! (A Comic)


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Courtesy of twiter’s @chibi_celina’s doing me a solid, l was given the privilege of accessing a comic that her skills are a part of. My only requirement was that l be unflinchingly honest.

I’ll be rhe first one to say…that artwise l tend to lean heavily on the rende(y), slick side of comic art, so lnk wasn’t going to provide me with that. However_ what it did provide me with was a sketchy, cartoonish ( though skilled) semi_autobriograpical (perhaps faux autobiographical)/near comic noir that transported me to a world that in some ways…l could relate to.

What was most engaging, was the story within srory approach that seems to flow effortlessly, without the reader becoming needlessly distracted.

My only quibble is that while the artist, Ray Johnson knows his way ’round a drawing table, there are still a few things that are off to me. The clothing often looks unnaturally draped on a character, like some folds are put in as an afterthought. Also, while l know realism wasn’t the goal here, there was some anatomical hiccups here, as well. Overall… the art complemented the story. quite well.

The lettering which in a number of established comics, can be offputting, was really what you want to see in a comic, almost invisible.

Much thx 2 Celina, 4 giving me the heads up on a couple of title gaffes, that l have since…  corrected


Another Plea 4 Exotica Soto As WONDER WOMAN


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img_45741280077394Should Ms Gadot continue to be disruptive on set (allegedly) Exotica Soto is who I’d like to see play Diana Prince. Some ppl (and by ppl, l mean mostly women) will cry foul, 4 her being masculine (why being muscularly developed equates 2 masculinity, I’ll never know) Some guys insecurities wil come into play, b/c they already feel inferior to bodybuilding men. Bodybuilding women…just kicks it up a notch, and comic book nerds r gonna cry foul, b/c WW is rockin’ the abs better than Supes, or Bats. I say; “Throw caution to the wind, and let’s just see how it goes!”

vs. Reality (via my 1st Kindle App)


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twitter’s @comicbookgrrl,, aka Blake Northcott is a blogger, vlogger, comics enthusiast, but right now she’s thought of primarily as an author. W/ Relapse (a sequel in the vs. line), & Arena Mode, maybe the 1st non-graphic, graphic novel “don’t ask” lt is Blake’s first work that I want 2 talk about.

Un4tunately l had 2 miss out s few years ago, when it was first released. (Life issues) but now that I finally have a functioning Kindle app. I can pretty much check out “previews of books, at my leisure. Emphasis on “preview” Due to that LIFE thing, combined w/my apprehension of purchasing things over the ‘net, it’s going 2 be a while.

Surprisingly…..l found that Kindle doesn’t show u X amount of chapters, per preview, instead they give u a certain allotment of time. Anyway_l digress….if the three plus chapters that l read r any indication, then l completely understand all the accolades that Blake has been given 4 her work.

In what is essentially a non graphic, graphic novel, Blake’s use of dialogue is as distinctive as a signature artist that has mastered his/her craft. Be it Kevin Maguire, whose facial inflections r second 2 none, or Paul Smith who no one can touch, ad it relates 2 the nuances of body posture. Blake’s the real deal, not someone that’s all style, & 0 substance.

I 4 one am looking 4ward 2 reading the rest of vs. Reality. as well as the works that have come out subsequent 2 that.



Oh…and Blake, should u stumble upon this, l’m still waiting 4 your cosplay as Robin! 🙂Image

Del DeBlair’s BUNNY LOVE (excerpt)


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While I don’t do reviews, I nonetheless…do like to share my assessments of things, as I come_across them.

One such item is this work by Del DeBlair.  A lady that has become known to me, by way of an event: Women In Comics, hosted by Regine Sawyer, who’s producing her own comic; The Rippers (coming soon)

Anyway, I digress…what is somewhat intriguing to me, is Ms. DeBlair offered to share some of her “novel” w/ an event that’s aimed at comic readers. That’s not a criticism, just an observation that I found odd.

As it relates to the substance of her entry…I first have to say, since my time is short (for personal reasons), l could only skim through a few chapters.

Having read the prologue, & the first two chapters, Bunny Love is not is not what you’d expect, w/ the title seeming cute, & wistful. Instead you have a tale dealing w/ the awkwardness of adolescence, gender identification, and nature’s improbabilities.

At first glance (around three pgs), I thought, I’m not going to make it to chapter one, but as I continued reading, I only wanted to read more.

I have to admit…though not the premise, the tone seemed slightly reminiscent of the movie, Freeway. That said, should the remainder of this work continue, as it started, it would so seem_ an indie film could be made from Ms. DeBlair’s story.

I look forward to reading it to completion, one day.

4 Degrees Of Separation?


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I guess. Math was never my strong suit. Well, sometimes you. start thinking about the ppl u’ve met onon the web, and b4 u know it, u’ve 4gotten that there are sometimes connections. 4 instance, a few years ago, Blake Northcott. (aka @comicbookgrrl, on Twitter) left message, of sorts saying; she’d follow me, I’d follow her (paraphrasing) Of course, she threw in; “if I liked her content” so there wasn’t a quid pro quo type thing (no sub for sub type mess) Anyway…Blake’s quick wittedness, and review style won me over from the first post that I read.

Somewhere along the line I had read one of Blake’s posts, where she had mentioned her friend, twitter’s @kiricallaghan, who in contrast to Blake, was a bundle t energy. Where as my 1st encounter with Blake was via her blog, by way of Twitter, my 1st encounter with Jiri was at first w/her blog, but mostly l “knew” her through YouTube. Where her enthusiasm seemed like it could barely be contained. Anyway_back to her blog. She had mentioned a venture she was embarking on called MISS YOU, WRITE YOU SOON, or some such, with her friend, M. J. King.

M. J., l pretty much new of her almost exclusively by her blog. A Fantasist, Fantasizing was the title that I was mesmerized by from day one Her writing was clear, concise, and to the point. Yet was also engaging, and humorous. A true talent just waiting to reveal her talent to a world that’s hungry for what it is she has to offer, though they don’t know it yet.

To wrap up; l have no idea whether, or not if Blake, and M. J.  r even aware of each other, but I know that I’m well aware of both (um ..all three actually) l know I’m rambling, l just wanted to jot down these thoughts while they were fresh in my mind.

A Test, & A Li’l Talk About Action Comics

So this is my 1st post from my new cell phone, and I wanted to see how it would work out on my blog. On the comics front, it would so seem I haven’t missed much with my year long hiatus. One of the things that was mildly surprising to me was how good Action Comics was with Greg Pak, and new artist, Aaron Kuder. It was a book that harkened back to the days where spectacle was more in order than characteriation, and I loved it. Anyway…now to see if this will post.


It had been in the “air” for awhile_ Gal Gadot is going to be the new Wonder Woman! Since my acess to the ‘ner is limited these days, I wasn’t able to see what many had been (for the most part) disapproving of. When I did see, I was like; Are you kidding me? Attractive?ImageNo doubt, but an amazon? My twitter, & youtube pal Marlene (ILCT) asked why I was a no go for Gadot on twitter, & among other things i responded wiith…her features, & her physique. She countered by saying that she thought she had a  good facial structure “paraphrasing”, & she can put on mass at the gym “again, “paraphrasing”. While true_ Gal can get her work out on, the thing she can’t do is will herself into {we’ll just say} larger pectorals, & glutes. That will probably put me in the chauvinist knuckle-dragger category, where those of us who care how WW is portrayed are seen as neanderthals who only care about T & A, & to hell with her character. I assure you_ such is not the case with me. I want Diana”s depiction to be something that’s rarely seen in her comics universe. I trust the intellect, & royal standing will be there, but what about the AMAZON aspects of her character? Certainly an actress would be needed that won’t come off as in anyway diminished by standing alongside Batman, & Superman. 

I tend to agree with acquaintance, & fellowette twiitterer Comfort Love that hollywood tends to trend on the side of one body type for all heroines.  On t.v. ocassionally you’ll get someone as petite as Summer Glau to be a kick_@$$ terminator, or Lucy Lawless to play an actual AMAZON on Xena, but on the big screen it seems 115lbs, to 125lbs is what’s required. Where 5′ 3″, to 5′ 5″ is the status quo. My God, if the people that I’d pick could act_it would be amazing! Gabrielle Reese stands at over 6″, & looks like she could be a greek isle. Adult film star, Exotica stands at nearly 6″, & is a body builder, that just exudes power. Gal however…may be a fine actress, but to me even in a best case scenario, she doesn’t make the grade.



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Often I am leary of being critical of someone that l know as it relates to their creative endeavours, but when l do l don’t throw softball jargon, or pretend to like something when l don’t. With that in mind, lets proceed, shall we? Fight Or Flight is a new comic by my bud Alex Breen. First: the lettering is excellently done by Alex Healy. No squinting, or need for lenses of any kind to make out what’s being said. My one quibble is I hope later in the series Alex opts not to use those semi open loops to place his words in. While it doesn’t detract from the book at all, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to the eye_in my opinion. ImageThe coloring by Nadja Smith is unobtrusive. Using flat colors, as opposed to the more commonplace digital painting doesn’t get in the way of S.R. Ayers sketchy approach to his art. While I tend to prefer a more polished/slick style in art that l typically enjoy, Mr Ayers brings a controlled spontaneity to his work that shows characters with which you can read their expression beyond the three to five range facial pallet that even established artists can’t always convey. The one drawback that l can see is S.R’s use of blacks/shadows sometimes make it difficult to follow what’s exactly going on. Other than that, for an up’n comer he’s not shy with putting in backgrounds (again…some pros are lacking in that dept.)  so he’s well on his way to a promising career. Now for the story: Alex along w/Nolan Rensing doesn’t hold anything up. You’re not five pages deep, and you’re already in the middle of the action. No decompression here, and l love it. However a part of me wonders could this beginning best have been used as a debuting double issue with characters being sleightly more fleshed out (not a criticism, just an observance) Also in future issues… l hope Alex will share some back story about how this came to be, and how S.R. interprets {creative process} Alex’ prose. In the meantime…job well done Alex. Job well done!