downloadAfter X amount of time, since the 1st Avengers, I had no doubt about the greatness of the 2nd one! Ahem…I should’ve. There was nothing exceedingly wrong with this flick, but also_ there was nothing exceedingly right with it, either. On the side of right: Digging into Widow, more as a character of substance, and not just eye candy. Getting Hulk closer to looking real. Mentioning Wakanda, and Vibranium. Having Hawkeye display more purpose, in this movie. On the side of not so right. Revamping Wanda, and Pietro’s origin. Showing the Falcon, then handling the way, in which they did. Revamping Vision’s origin, not mention, Ultron’s. With Joss, you know you’re getting pithy dialogue, and cool interactions, Unfortunately what’s missing is heart. Everybody hit there marks, but…that was it. Now, with Joss, apparently leaving, will there be another writer that will be able to carry the ball? Time will tell, and it’s not looking good. Fortunately, I’ve been wrong before.