redjello_lgCosby has pretty much been mythic for as long as I knew the name. To hear these allegations being launched at a robustful clip is dizzying. However I’m not naive. I’m aware Cos was a player, back in the day, and was not  at a loss for companionship Never figured he’d have to “mickey” someone… to get it.

My view, if it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he’s guilty, he should face the harshest sentence the law would allow. However, if things are speculative (at best) then it’s a matter of he said/& a cumulative she said, not to mention as of late ….allegedly a number of the allegations aren’t lining up.

It can be possible twisted outcome on either side. Column a: A guy’s reputation could be ruined by trumped up allegations of a slew of women that want nothing but Cosby’s downfall, or Column b: A bunch of ladies won’t get their just due, b/c the system will have let a perpetrator slip between the cracks.