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Along with the big two’s unwillingness to “turn” the page, except for purposeless reboots, the major issue with comics (superhero, in particular) is “us”, the customer/consumer. Too many of us are too willing to shell out good money for mediocre product.

When writers are “writing for the trades”  as opposed to writing for the sake of telling a good story, we all get shortchanged. When the mantra of the day_ is to produce a three issue story arc, but take anywhere from seven, to ten issues to tell it, we all become shortchanged.

In the end, it’s no wonder why comics are testing the waters with digital downloads. The ‘net’s not the future. It’s now. We might as well embrace it. In the long run we’ll probably be cut little, if ANY breaks, but hey… at least the trees will be better off for it.