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As it pertains to mainstream, primarily. As an avid comic book reader for more yrs than l care to count, l have loved the sequential medium. That said, easily for the past few decades (w/ exceptions here, & there) there has been a massive amount of regurgitation, & pointless minutia masquerading as epics. 

Whether it’s a beloved character being killed off, only to come back a few yrs later to tie up a plot thread. (Of course in reality, the character wasn’t meant to “stay dead”, in the first place. Then there are the CEASELESS “event” that are being crapped out quicker than a hen can lay an egg. 

It’s no secret that comics, in print form has been dying more, & more, every day. Somehow more, and more  companies seem to churn out more product, to an ever dwindling audience.

To me it breaks down, this way; When comics/comic strips were first conceived as a money making venture, I imagine it was thought of as a fad…something to make a quick buck from, then when that fad was over, the powers that be would move on to something else. To their surprise_much of the product actually reaped some dividends. Which pretty much meant…that since “they” were sitting on potentially a cash cow, they were going to ride that bull,, as long as he could run.

Success breeds excess, and “we’re in the intestinal tract of that excess, minus the success.   2 be cont’d