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Courtesy of twiter’s @chibi_celina’s doing me a solid, l was given the privilege of accessing a comic that her skills are a part of. My only requirement was that l be unflinchingly honest.

I’ll be rhe first one to say…that artwise l tend to lean heavily on the rende(y), slick side of comic art, so lnk wasn’t going to provide me with that. However_ what it did provide me with was a sketchy, cartoonish ( though skilled) semi_autobriograpical (perhaps faux autobiographical)/near comic noir that transported me to a world that in some ways…l could relate to.

What was most engaging, was the story within srory approach that seems to flow effortlessly, without the reader becoming needlessly distracted.

My only quibble is that while the artist, Ray Johnson knows his way ’round a drawing table, there are still a few things that are off to me. The clothing often looks unnaturally draped on a character, like some folds are put in as an afterthought. Also, while l know realism wasn’t the goal here, there was some anatomical hiccups here, as well. Overall… the art complemented the story. quite well.

The lettering which in a number of established comics, can be offputting, was really what you want to see in a comic, almost invisible.

Much thx 2 Celina, 4 giving me the heads up on a couple of title gaffes, that l have since…  corrected