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twitter’s @comicbookgrrl,, aka Blake Northcott is a blogger, vlogger, comics enthusiast, but right now she’s thought of primarily as an author. W/ Relapse (a sequel in the vs. line), & Arena Mode, maybe the 1st non-graphic, graphic novel “don’t ask” lt is Blake’s first work that I want 2 talk about.

Un4tunately l had 2 miss out s few years ago, when it was first released. (Life issues) but now that I finally have a functioning Kindle app. I can pretty much check out “previews of books, at my leisure. Emphasis on “preview” Due to that LIFE thing, combined w/my apprehension of purchasing things over the ‘net, it’s going 2 be a while.

Surprisingly…..l found that Kindle doesn’t show u X amount of chapters, per preview, instead they give u a certain allotment of time. Anyway_l digress….if the three plus chapters that l read r any indication, then l completely understand all the accolades that Blake has been given 4 her work.

In what is essentially a non graphic, graphic novel, Blake’s use of dialogue is as distinctive as a signature artist that has mastered his/her craft. Be it Kevin Maguire, whose facial inflections r second 2 none, or Paul Smith who no one can touch, ad it relates 2 the nuances of body posture. Blake’s the real deal, not someone that’s all style, & 0 substance.

I 4 one am looking 4ward 2 reading the rest of vs. Reality. as well as the works that have come out subsequent 2 that.



Oh…and Blake, should u stumble upon this, l’m still waiting 4 your cosplay as Robin! 🙂Image