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While I don’t do reviews, I nonetheless…do like to share my assessments of things, as I come_across them.

One such item is this work by Del DeBlair.  A lady that has become known to me, by way of an event: Women In Comics, hosted by Regine Sawyer, who’s producing her own comic; The Rippers (coming soon)

Anyway, I digress…what is somewhat intriguing to me, is Ms. DeBlair offered to share some of her “novel” w/ an event that’s aimed at comic readers. That’s not a criticism, just an observation that I found odd.

As it relates to the substance of her entry…I first have to say, since my time is short (for personal reasons), l could only skim through a few chapters.

Having read the prologue, & the first two chapters, Bunny Love is not is not what you’d expect, w/ the title seeming cute, & wistful. Instead you have a tale dealing w/ the awkwardness of adolescence, gender identification, and nature’s improbabilities.

At first glance (around three pgs), I thought, I’m not going to make it to chapter one, but as I continued reading, I only wanted to read more.

I have to admit…though not the premise, the tone seemed slightly reminiscent of the movie, Freeway. That said, should the remainder of this work continue, as it started, it would so seem_ an indie film could be made from Ms. DeBlair’s story.

I look forward to reading it to completion, one day.