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I guess. Math was never my strong suit. Well, sometimes you. start thinking about the ppl u’ve met onon the web, and b4 u know it, u’ve 4gotten that there are sometimes connections. 4 instance, a few years ago, Blake Northcott. (aka @comicbookgrrl, on Twitter) left message, of sorts saying; she’d follow me, I’d follow her (paraphrasing) Of course, she threw in; “if I liked her content” so there wasn’t a quid pro quo type thing (no sub for sub type mess) Anyway…Blake’s quick wittedness, and review style won me over from the first post that I read.

Somewhere along the line I had read one of Blake’s posts, where she had mentioned her friend, twitter’s @kiricallaghan, who in contrast to Blake, was a bundle t energy. Where as my 1st encounter with Blake was via her blog, by way of Twitter, my 1st encounter with Jiri was at first w/her blog, but mostly l “knew” her through YouTube. Where her enthusiasm seemed like it could barely be contained. Anyway_back to her blog. She had mentioned a venture she was embarking on called MISS YOU, WRITE YOU SOON, or some such, with her friend, M. J. King.

M. J., l pretty much new of her almost exclusively by her blog. A Fantasist, Fantasizing was the title that I was mesmerized by from day one Her writing was clear, concise, and to the point. Yet was also engaging, and humorous. A true talent just waiting to reveal her talent to a world that’s hungry for what it is she has to offer, though they don’t know it yet.

To wrap up; l have no idea whether, or not if Blake, and M. J.  r even aware of each other, but I know that I’m well aware of both (um ..all three actually) l know I’m rambling, l just wanted to jot down these thoughts while they were fresh in my mind.