It had been in the “air” for awhile_ Gal Gadot is going to be the new Wonder Woman! Since my acess to the ‘ner is limited these days, I wasn’t able to see what many had been (for the most part) disapproving of. When I did see, I was like; Are you kidding me? Attractive?ImageNo doubt, but an amazon? My twitter, & youtube pal Marlene (ILCT) asked why I was a no go for Gadot on twitter, & among other things i responded wiith…her features, & her physique. She countered by saying that she thought she had a  good facial structure “paraphrasing”, & she can put on mass at the gym “again, “paraphrasing”. While true_ Gal can get her work out on, the thing she can’t do is will herself into {we’ll just say} larger pectorals, & glutes. That will probably put me in the chauvinist knuckle-dragger category, where those of us who care how WW is portrayed are seen as neanderthals who only care about T & A, & to hell with her character. I assure you_ such is not the case with me. I want Diana”s depiction to be something that’s rarely seen in her comics universe. I trust the intellect, & royal standing will be there, but what about the AMAZON aspects of her character? Certainly an actress would be needed that won’t come off as in anyway diminished by standing alongside Batman, & Superman. 

I tend to agree with acquaintance, & fellowette twiitterer Comfort Love that hollywood tends to trend on the side of one body type for all heroines.  On t.v. ocassionally you’ll get someone as petite as Summer Glau to be a kick_@$$ terminator, or Lucy Lawless to play an actual AMAZON on Xena, but on the big screen it seems 115lbs, to 125lbs is what’s required. Where 5′ 3″, to 5′ 5″ is the status quo. My God, if the people that I’d pick could act_it would be amazing! Gabrielle Reese stands at over 6″, & looks like she could be a greek isle. Adult film star, Exotica stands at nearly 6″, & is a body builder, that just exudes power. Gal however…may be a fine actress, but to me even in a best case scenario, she doesn’t make the grade.