U know….as a lifelong Detroiter —w/ the exception of my one yr. in Southfield— their r things l can’t help but 2 notice. 0ne of those things is the constant crapload of bile that gets thrown Detroit’s way…by ppl who either live outside the city, not 2 mention those who live outside the state. Now l have no intention of painting my city as if theirs no problems in it. As a matter of fact; far from it. l know all 2 well.;; the crime, corruption, and just general discord that the D is associated with. MUCH  OF IT, DESERVINGLY SO. 

However despite Detroit’s image problems, the thing that gets me is—–sure Detroit has its fair share of murders, rapes, robberies, molestations, etc, but so has Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, NYC, L’A., and Philly, as well as others. Thing is…..w/those other places, despite those un4tunate similarities, they r nonetheless seen as potential destination spots, Places 2 take the family, and whathavya. Detroit though has the ‘look’ of ppl would rather vacation in shiny, breezy Beirut, than come 2 the D. The hypocrisy is  befuddling, 2 say the least.Image