So now Marvel has a delicate balancing act.They have 4 all intents, and purposes, u have a killer, but 2 a degree u have 2 make him ‘kid’ friendly. So what does Claremount do? Now Wolvy is in the woods sneaking up a doe,  w/ Storm in backgound saying; ‘Logan NO. –believing that he’s going 2 kill the young deer– lnstead Logan pets the doe. R u phuqing kidding me? We’re now suppose 2 believe this putz is one w/ nature? After that…there’s the Wolverine comic that  FRANK MILLER draws. Now l don’t remember if he wrote, or had any influence w/Claremount whatsoever, but it had that Miller vibe 2 it. Anyway either w/that book, or a book not 2 far from that book, we’re now introduced 2 LOGAN’S time in the east, and as a result we now find out that Wolverine has a SAMURAI CODE OF ETHICS.–gimme a break– Having this character forced down our throats is bewildering.

l would wish 4 this character’s demise, but since death in comics, rarely yeilds a permanent result, not 2 mention his befuddling popularity, l guess my hatred of this character will just have 2 be my burden 2 carry.