L remember Wolverine from the beginning. The lncredible Hulk 183, l believe. That was a Wolverine that had no healing factor, no feral senses, no heightened strength, no  grafted adamantium, 2 his skeletal frame. In essence;he wasn’t a ‘mutant’ at the time. Yet w/ nothing more than his ego, and six adamantium switchblades, he was  able 2 not only go up against the Hulk, but the Wendigo, as well. U have a guy that might be as tall as Prince, and no  powers, and he’s taking on two creatures that can level mountains. 2 top it off, he leaves the battle unscratched, unscathed, not even exhausted, and is ready 4 more. Bare in mind; this is not even when l hate him…………..YET!!!


That comes not long after giant size Xmen 1. Now Wolverine’s been made over in2 being a mutant. l can deal w/ the makeover, but the attitude of the character is not only brash, but defiant. He clearly cares about only himself, and no one else around him,—though  later,  the powers that be, try 2 manufacture a b/s softer side, 2 him–  Anyway it hasn’t even been four issues in2 this new Xmen’s history yet, and we get the first training room scene, and Wolverine gets tagged by a robot, and Nightcrawler, laughs. Were that Hawkeye, or even Guy Gardner, they may have flipped their team mate the bird —or some  p.c. equivalent– but no, not Wolverine. He instead…leaps at Nightcrawler,  w/ claws extended, and takes a swipe at his would be team mate. WHAT was Claremount thinkiing!?!? He already had a brash guy, in Thunderbird. Why’d he need a psychotic, like Wolverine? But l digress. Within the first year of the Xmen, Wolverine’s already been established as a lunatic, w little regard 4 anyone’s life, but his own, however Marvel had needlessly boxed themselves in2 a corner. Theirs a lunatic on their team, but their was also pressure from parents groups –speculation– to make more accessible characters, as not 2 have the comics code, or somesuch get involved. 


Enter John Byrne. W/ Byrne taking over artistic chores from the leaving Dave Cockrum, Wolverine’s popularity grew by leaps, and bounds. B4, Wolverine had just been part of an ensemble, but w/Byrne, he was increasingly taking center stage. NOW clearly Wolverine was a killer. –though technically it was more implied, than stated– Marvel was doing some serious tightrope walking…but l’ll continue that in pt2.