I was on FB the other day, and a 4mer colleague,as well as current, and dear friend shared a post from an individual who didn’t care 2 have their culture, or patriotism questioned. This person is Black,as was the person that this individual was having a conversation with. At the crux of this conversation, was the issue of identity, and how one’s tie 2 their African heritage should have them conduct themselves, in the future. Now the person doing the posting made it clear that they didn’t relate 2 the person ‘pushing’ the afrocentricity angle, saying –and l’m paraphrasing– they didn’t relate 2 a group of ppl that had a language that was 4rign 2 him, as well as the person that was pushing the issue.

As far as how l feel, myself…l can see things from both sides of the fence. l understand not relating 2 one, that doesn’t relate, 2 u, and that b/c u may have an incidental connection as it pertains 2 color, is irrelevant, but at the same time, l understand the importance of if u don’t know where u’ve come from, u can’t know where u’re going!

Now in this post, indirectly the subject of patriotism was broached,w/ this person citing they were ‘American’ 1st and 4most! –0nce again paraphrasing– 2 me, thats a somewhat naive retort, by this person. Wanting 2 patriotic 4 the country that u’re in, l have no prob w/, but when u stand up 4 your country,and don’t acknowledge the attrocities that have happened 2 ppl, by ppl, of that same country,then u’re walking around w/ blinders on.


Of course on the other side, having someone else championing the cause of Mother AFRICA, and more than likely, having that lindividual not know any words from the culture they’re celebrating, though would chide u 4 not joining them in they’re well intended, yet ignorant crusade, is beyond me.

Ultimately…regardless of where a person fits politically, socially, or philosophically, l believe we’re all on the same ground, but each of us have 2 choose how, and  where we 2 walk on that ground.

AND if u’re reading this Chantelle, thank u, 4 sharing that post!