I’m an ol’ schooler, but I’m not a tradionalist, so I don’t have any issues w/ the powers that be…making a “darker”, “grittier” Superman. As a matter of fact, l’m sure a good portion of negative reviews on this film, will be that the “tone” of this film goes against that which makes ‘Big Blue’, great!

Me….l don’t care about any of that stuff. Just tell me a great story, that entertains me, & makes me feel that l haven’t wasted my money. MOS achieves that…………almost!!! The beginning; On Krypton, is epic, we’re right in the middle of Kal-el being born. Jor-el (russell crowe) brings gravitas 2 the Jor-el character. So much so, it’s almost as if Jor-el could’ve “carried a movie by himself, pre Kal. His wife, Lara (ayalet zurer) turns in a wooden performance, that 4tunately doesn’t bog down the film. Her screen time (thankfully) was very limited.

My main problem w/ this film, (which l otherwise, enjoyed) was that there were things which just did not ring true. Most notably, Pa Kent. Though played marvelously by Kevin Costner, the advice/suggestions that he was imparting 2 Clark, made me think that b4 the movie was over, “Pa” was going 2 reach under his chin, pull off his latex skin mask, & reveal himself 2 be Lionel Luthor. Just the thought that suggesting 2 Clark that maybe 4 the better good, ppl might have 2 die, just isn’t something “Pa” would suggest, let alone, encourage. 

As the film winds down, the dialogue borders on being laughable. Thankfully since it’s been about a week since l’ve seen MOS, l don’t remember the drivel these characters were saying 2 one another. Suffice it 2 say; They were lines that seemed as if they were rejected by other movies in the action/adventure game.

Which brings me 2 my last issue w/ the film. l was sold on this film being a melodrama, w/ some action, here & their, in parts, instead l got “Die Hard” w/a cape! Any introspecton w/ this character…was shown w/ Clark, as an adolescent, or as a teen. In this regard, the team of Snyder, Nolan, & Goya missed an opportunity 2 present something that reflects w/ passion what Clark/Kal was going through, but instead they chose 2 appease those that just wanted a ‘standard’ comicbook flick. As comic book flicks go, l did enjoy this one, in spite of itself. The acting was mostly solid, the movie never really slowed, 2 a crawl, & Henry Cavill just might have it in him, w/ the right direction, 2 be part of a franchise that digs deeper than the surface. At least, that’s what l’m hoping 4!