l’m groggy, exhausted, yet somehow l feel ‘wired’, at the same time. l think to myself; what an odd combination of sensations, to have. However…l don’t allow myself to doddle over these self reflections for too long. l must concentrate on the task at hand. The calendar says that its June 7, but it seems like a lifetime of no time passing since…- What to call it – Outbreak…l guess is as good a word as any.

lt was several days after the new year, that their were occurrences. Certainly disturbing, unquestionably frightening, but as spread out as they were by time, and distance, nobody was ready to cry that the sky was falling, the sky was falling………not yet.

The month of February had come and went, with hardly a disturbance, save for the frigid temperatures that hit Michigan, ’round this time of year. March… however did not as they say; come in like the proverbial lamb. The temps were still ice cold, but their were incidents. lncidents such as news reports of cattle being strewn about various roads, with their bodies horrendously mutilated.

Unfortunately…that was just the beginning