While I’m still hovering… just above “rock bottom”, not 2 mention: things r starting 2 look worse, there’s two reasons that I just don’t salivate over the cold metal of a dbl barrel. One is:ppl that either inspire me, challenge me, or in some way, in4m, or entertain me. Ppl such as these; M.J. King…http://mjkingwrites.wordpress.com/  M.J. as of yet, l haven’t read a published work of hers,
but whose blogposts have been very involving. Her posts, 2 me, r not something simply 2 be read, but if U have the imagination: 2 be EXPERIENCED. Whether I comment, or not, I always like reading about M.J’s exploits.

I found out about MJ as a result of following this person…http://kiricallaghan.blogspot.com/ on twitter. Kiri’s jubilant way of expressing herself on YT, comes across in her written word, as well. Usually upbeat, and if she’s ever deterred, I haven’t seen it. Her enthusiasm is nearly infectious.

Next r the good folks over at the…http://inveteratemediajunkies.com/ site. Co-headed by its founders Jose Melendez, & Ian MacMillan. A good group of folx that r not shy about being opinionated by that which they love, or DON’T love…in all matters of pop-culture, be it comics, film, tv,or whatever else (point 2 note: as words,& their sometimes various meanings, & nuances there-of, l’ll stress that, 4 me ‘opinionated does not = negative, which i believe a lot of ppl have tried 2 make it be. instead, as I’ve said, it’s simply feeling passionate about that which u appreciate.

Finaally, I’d be remiss, if I didn’t mention my buddy, Ed, aka edward2962, the only online person l converse with, offline, & who also has a blog…http://ed2962.wordpress.com/ Ed’s some1 that I met on YT,he did a review on Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg, which encouraged me 2 give my asessment on Chaykin’s Black Kiss trade, & we’ve been trading, & sharing points of view, ever since, Ed’s pretty much the yin,2 my yang, & a bud that I appreciate, 2 no end.

Oh yeah; the 2nd reason is… I don’t own a dbl barrel.