depression or feeling blue?

Needless to say, I’m no doctor, so not knowing what my malfunction is…is no surprise. Having had my bouts with melancholy, while few, and far between, have been bunching closer, and closer together. My emotions have been creeping closer to the forefront. Not a feeling that I’m fond of having.

Though I have known some bittersweetness, I haven’t known it to the point of jumping off a hi-rise, or drinking some “funny” koolaid, or playing roulette, of the Russian kind. At the same time, I get why people decided to “check” out sooner that’s intended. Everything in their life is floating, bottoms up, coming up craps, or somehow circling the drain, and all you want is to take some measure of control of your life, even if it’s in it’s last moments.

The irony of ironies for me is…though I can relate to those who may already want to call it a life, I can only wish to have that calling, but no. Unless I accidentally, on purpose, die as a result of fatality bu Cop, or become lax, not paying attention traffic laws, my pennance will be to live among all of you, many of whom are like me, figuring out day, by day, how to make it through life.

AVENGERS: The Whedon Initiative

downloadAfter X amount of time, since the 1st Avengers, I had no doubt about the greatness of the 2nd one! Ahem…I should’ve. There was nothing exceedingly wrong with this flick, but also_ there was nothing exceedingly right with it, either. On the side of right: Digging into Widow, more as a character of substance, and not just eye candy. Getting Hulk closer to looking real. Mentioning Wakanda, and Vibranium. Having Hawkeye display more purpose, in this movie. On the side of not so right. Revamping Wanda, and Pietro’s origin. Showing the Falcon, then handling the way, in which they did. Revamping Vision’s origin, not mention, Ultron’s. With Joss, you know you’re getting pithy dialogue, and cool interactions, Unfortunately what’s missing is heart. Everybody hit there marks, but…that was it. Now, with Joss, apparently leaving, will there be another writer that will be able to carry the ball? Time will tell, and it’s not looking good. Fortunately, I’ve been wrong before.


The little that I’ve read from the Bible, the more I feek estranged from the church. Not that I ever felt prone to giving in to Christianity in the first place

I’ve found solace of a sort from the Cathole church. That said, I’m not unaware of the Catholic church’s history, and why their’s seldom, if any talk about any youth wanting to be the next AlterBoy.

It seems like I call out in vain, to a divine preswncw, qgo has no interest in what I have to say.

Cosby’s Legacy: Pure Gold, or Fools Gold?



redjello_lgCosby has pretty much been mythic for as long as I knew the name. To hear these allegations being launched at a robustful clip is dizzying. However I’m not naive. I’m aware Cos was a player, back in the day, and was not  at a loss for companionship Never figured he’d have to “mickey” someone… to get it.

My view, if it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he’s guilty, he should face the harshest sentence the law would allow. However, if things are speculative (at best) then it’s a matter of he said/& a cumulative she said, not to mention as of late ….allegedly a number of the allegations aren’t lining up.

It can be possible twisted outcome on either side. Column a: A guy’s reputation could be ruined by trumped up allegations of a slew of women that want nothing but Cosby’s downfall, or Column b: A bunch of ladies won’t get their just due, b/c the system will have let a perpetrator slip between the cracks.

between blade-cuffs,and bouquet bots


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Ambasadora, starts off at warp nine, and doesn’t ease up…after that. The true marvel of this novel_ is not the genre, but the HEART, regardless of genre.

Ambasadora, one of a series, takes u on a ride, and as soon as u think that u have adjusted to the turbulence, BAM…something else, u didn’t see coming.

I’m not sure if it a Heidi, her publisher, or someone else, to label her books, sci-fi-romance, but to me, that term seems a bit_ limiting. (Of course, that’s just me)

I can say as a late participant in the Ambasadora-verse, I am now, hooked, and can’t wait to follow further adventures. I imagine you’ll feel the same, should u also give this novel, and subsequent novels, a chance!

CHRIS CLAREMONT’S X-MEN (A Timeless Work, Or A Work That’s Had Its Day?)


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As a comics lover, it doesn take much to catch my eye. When a school chum of mine brought in Giant Size X-Men no.1, I almost went into a state of shock. No comic prior to that one caught my attention the way that one did. It had that kinda United Nations feel to it. An African, a Scotsman, a German, etc. There was nothing not to like about the comic. The art would waver between being decent (Dave Cockcrum, John Byrne ), to excellent (Paul Smith, Jim Lee)


I was sold, hook, line, & sinker. The stories; from the Sentinels, to the Shiar. From Magneto, to the Brood, I was all in! Then without warning, I became disenfranchised with it. I’m not sure when. My best guess is it was either because of the art of Marc Silvestri (whose work, I love, now) or John Romita Jr., whose work. I never loved. In any regard, other than an issue here, or there, I hadn’t gone back to X-Men (with the exception of the Carlos Pacheco drawn issues) for any considerable length of time.


Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I’m feeling nostalgic, and l want to pick up on that feeling of wonderment again. So I purchase Essential X-Men, volume one. I get less than fifteen pages deep, when I think to myself; “I actually use to like this Shitzu?

The amount of exposition, was staggering. It read like a bad soap opera (oxy moron, I know) Needless to say, I had no fun travelling down memory lane. With fresh eyes I could see how ponderous Claremont’s writing was.

Though I was happy Marvel was bringing back Nightcrawler, when I saw Claremont’s name was attached, happiness turned to disinterest.

Undoubtedly history will smile favorably upon Claremont’s body of work, it’s just that…I’m not going to be one of the ones signing the petition.Image

The Not So Slow Death Of Comics Pt.2


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Along with the big two’s unwillingness to “turn” the page, except for purposeless reboots, the major issue with comics (superhero, in particular) is “us”, the customer/consumer. Too many of us are too willing to shell out good money for mediocre product.

When writers are “writing for the trades”  as opposed to writing for the sake of telling a good story, we all get shortchanged. When the mantra of the day_ is to produce a three issue story arc, but take anywhere from seven, to ten issues to tell it, we all become shortchanged.

In the end, it’s no wonder why comics are testing the waters with digital downloads. The ‘net’s not the future. It’s now. We might as well embrace it. In the long run we’ll probably be cut little, if ANY breaks, but hey… at least the trees will be better off for it.

The Not So Slow Death Of Comics


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As it pertains to mainstream, primarily. As an avid comic book reader for more yrs than l care to count, l have loved the sequential medium. That said, easily for the past few decades (w/ exceptions here, & there) there has been a massive amount of regurgitation, & pointless minutia masquerading as epics. 

Whether it’s a beloved character being killed off, only to come back a few yrs later to tie up a plot thread. (Of course in reality, the character wasn’t meant to “stay dead”, in the first place. Then there are the CEASELESS “event” that are being crapped out quicker than a hen can lay an egg. 

It’s no secret that comics, in print form has been dying more, & more, every day. Somehow more, and more  companies seem to churn out more product, to an ever dwindling audience.

To me it breaks down, this way; When comics/comic strips were first conceived as a money making venture, I imagine it was thought of as a fad…something to make a quick buck from, then when that fad was over, the powers that be would move on to something else. To their surprise_much of the product actually reaped some dividends. Which pretty much meant…that since “they” were sitting on potentially a cash cow, they were going to ride that bull,, as long as he could run.

Success breeds excess, and “we’re in the intestinal tract of that excess, minus the success.   2 be cont’d